Precision Metal Products



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Mansfield Graphics

Do you have a part that seems impossible to manufacture? Why not challenge us by sending us some prints and your quality requirements? Enjoy the cost effective precision metal product manufacturing while getting your product back in record time! Many times prototype/production orders are delivered within forty-eight hours of order placement, including tooling. 

Originating as a printing shop in 1927, to be successful you had to make your own chemically etched engraving plates. MANSFIELD GRAPHICS did just that and grew to become one of the first firms providing chemically milled parts. As our customer needs grew and changed we added to our capabilities to fulfill these new needs. Located in North Central Ohio, between Cleveland and Columbus, in an area of abundant power, water and labor, MANSFIELD GRAPHICS started over thirty years ago. We are now a lean organization and an ANSI/ISO/ASQ Q9001-2008 certified organization dedicated to providing precision metal parts and their adjuncts, with the goal of becoming a leader in precision metal part production. 

You’ll find MANSFIELD GRAPHICS parts in prototypes of newly developing experimental corporate products and classified government projects. Additionally, you’ll find our precision metal parts in full production models of jet engines, radar, and glass forming equipment, radios, TVs, calculators, integrated circuits and other electronic gear, even space vehicles. 

Our capability of providing chemically etched parts has grown to include thicker parts that we manufacture on our OMAX water jet. This is enhanced by a machine shop and equipment with the capability of forming, shaping and machining parts from our extensive inventory of certified material as well. If required, MANSFIELD GRAPHICS will provide parts plated, powder coated, heat treated, anodized, and etc. as required by the customer’s specifications.