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Mansfield Graphics

Precision Metal Products


There are many types of parts manufactured by MANSFIELD GRAPHICS using PCM such as alignment plates, antenna components, backing plates, baffle shutters, bus bar terminals, brackets, circuit board components, coined components, cylinder components, dial face indicator components, electrical contacts, electrical terminals, encoder discs, encoder components, filters, fluidic sub-plates, gaskets, grounding contacts and clips, heat sink components, instrument indicator, lead frames, lids/covers, linear encoder components, magnetic shielding components, metering components, microwave parts, motor laminations, name plates, RF shielding components (enclosures), screens, shims, spacers, springs (Gimbal, Radial and Axial), valve plates and washers.

We have increased our manufacturing abilities by adding a Water Jet to our manufacturing processes. This allows us to manufacture parts out of much thicker materials. We utilize this process in the manufacturing of bus bars, shims, brackets..


Each of these processes can be complimented by our machining center that is capable of manufacturing and finishing parts. 

Mansfield Graphics has the capability of working with a variety materials and thicknesses. Our secondary department allows us to supply finished parts to our customers. From drilling, tapping, forming and light assembly we can supply you exactly what you require. Click here to review our materials and equipment list.